A Brothers Generous . . . Offer C. Shields


Published: March 13th 2011


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A Brothers Generous . . . Offer  by  C. Shields

A Brothers Generous . . . Offer by C. Shields
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Corporate attorney Eyleen Pendleton thinks shes been sent out to lobby a new, extremely wealthy client for her corporate law firm in Florida. Desperate to make partner, she knows if she can sign this account, partnership is definitely in the cards.In fact, it was held over her head like Damocles’ sword.When she arrives at the home of this potential client, she’s not in the best of moods, but she soon enough discovers things could go from bad to worse.

She gets the shock of her life when she discovers this important client is none other than her estranged brother, Ryan, who she shares a past with she’s been desperately struggling to forget.She tries to be as professional and business-like as she can, all the while haunted by the memories of their past and passion the moment she looks at him and his generous . . . member. She struggles to maintain a cool, professional front, knowing full well how important this account is to her career, but little brother Ryan is all grown up, and he’s a wily businessman.He, too, is haunted by the extreme pleasures he’s experienced with his older sister, and he’s worked hard to get to this point.

Even his beautiful sister’s aloofness won’t deter him from fulfilling his dream, and as she attempts to lobby him for his account, he turns the tables and presents a generous offer of his own.

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